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    DisplayPort AOC DP fiber optic cable

    • Part No. :XZCDPT021

    DisplayPort AOC DP fiber optic cable

    1. Detailed information

    DisplayPort2.0 AOC DP1.4 fiber optic cable 4K/8K/60Hz support DP Active optical cable 1.5M/3M/5M/ 10m/50m/100m TV/LCD


    Our DP1.4 Active Hybrid Cable is the most competitive long reach DP
    interconnection solution for high definition on the market.
    It supports latest DP1.4 Maximum Data Rate 32.4 Gbps with light weight,
    flexible and ultra-small long-term bending radius (52mm) hybrid cable.
    With our advanced optical engine embedded, this DP Hybrid Cable
    provides full DP1.4 and 4K120HZ/8K60HZ signal integrity. It supports up to
    100m maximum length, is plug and play, and no external power unit isrequired.


    1) Up to 100m Maximum Length with 4K60P.
    2) Minimized plugs for installation in conduit.
    3) Low Power Consumption: 500mW (max).(Power extracted from DP source)
    4) Compatible with VESA DP1.4 version standard.
    5) Support HBR3 (High Bit Rate) Cable Assembly (up to 8.1Gbs Data Rate),HDCP2.2/CEC/EDID
    6) Support CEC and all output format video of VGA,DVI,HDMI
    7) No signal loss –delivering crystal clear digital Images/audio instantly.
    8) Supports resolutions to 8K UHD (7680 x 4320 @60Hz) resolution and 4K120Hz.
    9) Hybrid optical cable with fiber and copper wire.

    10) CE/RoHS. standard for A single vertical
    1) Digital Signage, Data center
    2) LED signboards in streets and in stadiums
    3) Medical Imaging Equipment
    4) Airplane On-board Video System
    5) Home theater, commercial theater
    6) TV studio, Outdoor advertising
    7) TV Broadcast Station
    8) Conference Room Video Equipment
    9) Security systems/ Sports venues

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