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  1. XLR 3-Pin to 1/4
  2. XLR 3-Pin to 1/4

XLR 3-Pin to 1/4" MONO Microphone Audio Cable

  • Part No. :XZCXLR002

Descrition:·        Length: 10FT ·       Brand New High Quality Professional Cable·       XLR 3-Pin

  1. Detailed information


·        Length: 10FT 

·       Brand New High Quality Professional Cable

·       XLR 3-Pin Female to 1/4" Mono

·       1/4" Nickel-Plated Connectors

·       Color: Black Wire with Polished Silver Plug

·       Extra sturdy outer rubber covering provides highest shield while preserving flexibility

·       Refined silver metal plugs are strong and oxidization resistant

·       Refined plugs are also designed to decrease noise and improve clarity

·       Accuracy fitted plugs are easy to take out and place in without any hassle

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