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  1. USB2.0 AF to RJ45 Adapter
  2. USB2.0 AF to RJ45 Adapter
  3. USB2.0 AF to RJ45 Adapter

USB2.0 AF to RJ45 Adapter

  • Part No. :XZCUSB2AMRG003A

USB2.0 AF to RJ45 Adapter

  1. Detailed information

Usb2.0 Am To Rj45 Adapter


1.USB female connector on one end, and RJ45 8P8C male plug on the other end.
2.Can be used to connect a USB ADSL modem to a router with RJ45 socket.
3.When modem connected to RJ45 socket, it can not powered by PC, so separate power supply is needed.
4.Lightweight and compact for storage.
5.Supports excellent network environment.
6.Manufactured with high quality materials.
7.Highly Compatible with most USB devices.
8.Packing Include:1 x USB to RJ45 connector.
USB-to-Ethernet adapter

 9.Easily connect and transfer data between networks with this USB female to RJ45 male Ethernet adapter

10.Connects ADSL Modem or router with USB port to RJ45 socket


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