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  1. Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter
  2. Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter
  3. Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter
  4. Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter
  5. Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter

Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter

  • Part No. :XZCWIFI002

Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter

  1. Detailed information

Airbridge WiFi HD Adapter


Supports one HDMI output and one VGA output, the ports can automatically detect the display device and switch

HD resolution up to 1920x1080_30/60p (some TV may not support 60P because it is incompatible   with the device)

Support a 3.5mm stereo headphone audio output

Wirelessly send Audio and Video from your PC/Mobile phone to an HDTV 

Supports USB/LAN mirror or video extension of your PC content on your HDMI display

Supports DLNA/Miracast connection, easy to share the wonderful contents in PC/Mobile phone

Supports MicroSD card/ flash disk/ local disk (2GB), can play video/music/photo and office document etc.

when connecting to USB device port of your PC via USB cable, can be used as a card reader 

Support wireless router 

Support multiple operating system, e.g. Win XP, Win7, Win Vista, Android, iOS, Mac OS etc.

USB host interface can provide high current (1A) charging

Multi language menu

DC5V/2A power adapter


1. Main unit               1pcs

2. 5V DC power adapter    1pcs

3. Remote controller     1pcs 

4. User manual         1pcs 

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