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  1. HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2
  2. HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2
  3. HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2
  4. HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2

HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2

  • Part No. :XZCHDMX003

HDMI Switch Splitter 2x2

  1. Detailed information


l  2X HDMI switch input ports and 2X HDMI split output ports.

l  It can switch any one of the two input HDMI signal source to two HD display at the same time.

l  Supports Full HD,3D and 4K2K(24/30Hz) resolution.

l  Supports automatically detect the Source device and switch for HDMI input ports.

l  Power-off memory.

l  Supports 30/36-bit deep color.

l  Supports HDMI Digital audio format: DTS-HD/ Dolby-true HD/ LPCM7.1/ DTS/ Dolby-AC3/ DSD.

l  No loss of quality. Support input or output up to 15-metres AWG26 HDMI standard cable length.

l  Easy to Install.

l  5V DC USB Power Supply.


HDMI Cable Wholesale

HDMI Cable Wholesale

HDMI Cable Wholesale






1. USB2.0-DC5.5 power adapter cable  1pcs

2. User manual                       1pcs